The experiences of the protagonist in “Las Fragancias Olvidadas de Ultramar” are recorded and his business adventures through the Mediterranean and the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans as well as and his forays into the jungle, pressing bushes, collecting flowers from unexplored places and delighting in new and exotic aromas are narrated.

Thus, from the intense scent of the woods of the Aquilaria ZT he has developed UOD Ultramar, from the fragrances of Ylang-Ylang and other flowers and fruits he has created JUNGLE FLOWERS Mindanao, and from grey amber, citrus fruits and seaweed from the depths, DEEP SEA Mar de Sulu.

The perfumes are very different from each other. They have been recreated, but are true to their roots of years gone by and the sublime quality of the great perfumes of history.


Take one of our perfumes and close your eyes. Travel and free your senses through their captivating fragrances.

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According to several requests coming from different countries, we will start selling our mini glass bottles containing 2 ml. perfume. That way, our customers would be able to taste the big quality of the fragrances immersing themselves into a captivating sensation. 


The novel “Las Fragancias Olvidadas de Ultramar”, published in 2021, describes the events that serve as the basis for the creation of ZEP TORRENZ perfumes.

The story explains the enormous effort made by a fragrance pioneer to discover new flowers and shrubs in the lush jungles of the Philippine Islands that would make it possible to synthesize and package the finest scents on the planet in a carefully crafted glass bottle.

Our company takes up that effort and renews the adventure by reviving the cloud of dreams and sensations of the past and rethinking those perfumes so that very special, exceptional and sensitive people can enjoy them.

The logo ZEP TORRENZ builds our brand, along with the name of our city base: Barcelona. An isotype of a fountain with continuous waters completes the ensemble. This icon represents our constant inspiration for creating new fragrances.


We should be faithful to our tradition and history.

We should be faithful to our tradition and history. The cylindrical glass bottle striped with vertical lines, complemented by a silver cap in the shape of a mushroom, was our model. On the other hand, we needed a capacity of 100 ml.

We have designed a glass bottle similar to the original model and decided to combine it with an ash wood capin vengué colour with solvent-free varnish. The cap will be engraved with our ZT brand and the link of our history: Barcelona-Manila.

The name of the perfume and the anagram will be placed in the middle of the bottle on an oval transparent label made with recycled materials. 


We thought that a rethought perfume of the 19th century should have an elegant and discreet packaging to reflect the high quality of the product itself. Black and white on all sides of the packaging, with the name of the perfume in metallic print in a different colour for each range.

The simplicity outside the packaging changes inside, where a colour explosion matches with the sensations perceived by the smell of the personal perfume.

In order to protect the bottle during international travels we decided to place it in a black micro-channel cardboard folding carton which has an attractive and effective design.

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