Located in the heart of the Maresme region, our company is surrounded by a mixture of sea breezes and undergrowth. The long beaches of the Mediterranean coast and the rich fragrances of the trees and aromatic plants of the Serralada Litoral, with more than 7500 hectares of land, form an ideal microclimate for inspiring the creation of perfumes.

The natural light that enters the office and laboratory though the windows of our company illuminates and helps us to see the splendour of the Mediterranean Sea.

Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are part of a landscape that fills our imagination with life.

Our company is located close to several gardens and fields of flowers of many varieties, as well as almost all types of known species of aromatic plants, supply the supply the Flower and Ornamental Plant Market of Catalonia located in Vilassar de Mar. These flower crops, peas, tomatoes, strawberries and other prized vegetables make up an ideal geographical area for the development of industries related to gastronomy and fragrances.

The region hosts many events related to gastronomy and the olfactory senses, including a week of the pairing of the senses that is held every year in the town of Teià.

During this event, the International Perfumery Competition is held in which numerous perfumers from all over the world take part. There is also a gastronomic event organised by highly innovative and internationally renowned chefs.