The novel “Las Fragancias Olvidadas de Ultramar”, published in 2021, describes the events that serve as the basis for the creation of ZEP TORRENZ perfumes.
The story explains the enormous effort made by a fragrance pioneer to discover new flowers and shrubs in the lush jungles of the Philippine Islands that would make it possible to synthesize and package the finest scents on the planet in a carefully crafted glass bottle.


Our company takes up that effort and renews the adventure by reviving the cloud of dreams and sensations of the past and rethinking those perfumes so that very special, exceptional and sensitive people can enjoy them.

SINCE 2011

Torrents Research was founded in 2011 by Josep Torrents, but the business history of his family ancestors dates back to the 19th century.


His ancestors were entrepreneurs who worked tirelessly and with great sensitivity to focus their activities on the world of flower growing and the creation of new varieties.

Josep Torrents

Josep Torrents, dedicated to business management and the innovation of processes and products, author of several international patents, now faces the challenge of recovering the tradition. By reminiscing about his life, he recreates the forgotten perfumes of overseas, those that he smelt, felt and recorded in memory during his childhood.

Through this company, and under the brand ZEP TORRENZ, he offers them to those sensitive people who want to enjoy this sensory pleasure.

the forgotten

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