ZEP TORRENZ. Signature perfumes

When some time ago, I decided to have my own fragrances, I never really thought I could achieve it. At the beginning, I have asked myself why did I feel this strong creative impulse that leads me to create new fragrances. As time went by and analysing past memories, I have been finding some answers.

I suddenly felt the need to write the novel “Las Fragrancias Olvidades de Ultramar” in which it can be found an explanation about my sudden and asleep yearning to get into perfumes, a world that gave sense to my olfactory life.

While building up the novel that would clear my sensorial universe up, I met warm people with huge human qualities, like the Master perfumer Rosendo Mateu or the anthropologist and also perfumer, Irene Gisbert. They both encouraged me and helped me in my project.

In signature fragrances, it primarily counts the perfumer inspiration as well as the quality of materials used. It is the only way to get to the end of the olfactory journey through the creator’s inspiration.

 Every created fragrance has its own story full of personal memories that are difficult to describe by words or thoughts. Staying away from market trends and from commercial interest, signature perfumes don’t care about costs but about quality of raw materials, sobriety and traditional process.

ZEP TORRENZ prioritizes quality and identity of our fragrances above all commercial concerns. Our sales are focused on that exclusives customers who appreciate personality and olfactory expressions of our fragrances.