All ZEP TORRENZ products are subject to very high- quality requirements. This means that, from the outset, the designs and product definition are carried out with the utmost precision, the materials and raw materials used are the best and from the most prestigious origins, the process is highly controlled and the safety of compliance with the specifications is absolute.

Our perfumes are made with components of the highest quality and purity and have the highest standards of allergen safety.

A competitive price is not so important in achieving our objectives as the quality and safety that we want our final products to achieve.


We use recyclable materials and treatments with sustainable processes when creating our containers and packaging. We are extremely vigilant about using the best system in our logistics management in order to achieve the minimum environmental impact.


With our fashion accessories we are very demanding in the traceability of materials and in their verifiable origin, forcing us to ensure that they are obtained through natural conservation processes. Our specifications for the treatment of metal parts require our suppliers to present certificates on the water purification. The dyes for textiles and fibres must be of natural origin and be applied through sustainable processes.


We are currently working hard to define the processes and quality requirements to be able to design, manufacture and present jewelry and watchmaking products to our customers. However, the high demand to achieve our objectives forces us to wait in order to obtain them with the guarantees and quality level that we have achieved with our perfumes and our fashion accessories.


Our customers deserve the best, safest and the most sustainable products. We only launch new products into the market when we are able to achieve a level above the highest level of competence.