THE Philippines. The origin of our perfumes

The Philippines is the insular country in southeast Asia having one of the greatest biodiversity of the world.

ZEP TORRENZ’s perfumes are inspired by the islands and the sea of this huge archipelago. The country is rich in natural resources and in plant species, they have more than 3000 exclusives of this wonderful country.

Plentiful plants with marvellous flowers are found all around the territory and used for embellishment purposes or as essence for perfume industry. Among these flowers the most famous are the Ilang-Ilang and the Sempaguita, national flower of the Philippines.


We should also bring the big quantity of trees and bushes into focus; the 54 varieties of bamboos and their special woods as an example. People in this great country have many human qualities, sticking out solidarity, eagerness, love of nature, art and culture.


The names of the perfumes of the ZEP TORRENZ brand are all related to the Philippines. So, different geographical spots like MINDANAO, SULU SEA or the generic ULTRAMAR can be found among main nouns.

In a sense, Josep Torrents relates the beginning of the perfumes created under our brand but, in parallel to the novel “Las Fragancias Olvidadas de Ultramar, there is also an important part of the history of the country, specially remembering the national hero, José Rizal.


The Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the European Union, Eduardo José A. de Vega, holding a copy of the novel “Las Fragancias Olvidadas de Ultramar”, accompanied by the Consul General and other members of the Philippine diplomatic corps in Barcelona.