Open days. Christmas special

At ZEP TORRENZ we are busy getting our perfumes and our company ready for the many celebrations that will be held the coming months all over the world. We wish to instill warmness and to transmit to our clients the positive emotions related to that time.

Our perfumes, protected in their specially designed packaging, will fill your homes with hope and joy. This is the magical power of the fragrances of a signature perfume, with enveloping scents that raise our spirits and provide us of a wellbeing sensation that we will not want to give up.

For this occasion, our perfumes will get dressed up and they will get permeated by the atmosphere of these days. They will reach their destination, no matter how remote, whether by plane, sailing the sea, sledding or driving though hidden roads. Our perfumes will be delivered in every single home, as desired.

At the same time, at ZEP TORRENZ’s headquarters in Barcelona, we are going to celebrate some Open Days to personally serve our clients. We will establish some opening hours that will enable you to discover our fragrances. You will also be able to test the high quality of our perfumes while enjoying some relaxing moments and a cocktail invitation.

You will benefit during this period from a special treatment, an interesting discount, we will deliver our best wishes card and a gift from our brand. Safe the dates!